Cities and climate change sensory Tour


On several occasions it has been shown that small gestures are the ones that build and cement the big changes that later save a life, save many lives, recover ecosystems or protect spaces. If at the beginning it is only a voice that tries to care, the one that tries to save; very soon that voice is joined by another and many more who, with a great cry, achieve a purpose, achieve what at first seemed impossible.

Not many years ago streets without cars, cities for pedestrians, landscaped areas, bicycle lanes, the priority for green, the primordial presence of nature were unthinkable. More and more these options, albeit slowly, are making their way.

We propose a sensory tour where we work on the notion of the choice that we all have to be able to participate with small gestures in the care of cities. A sensory tour that invites us to think about the different cities that can exist and that we can dream of; both individually and collectively.

How will we do it? What do we need to take care of, who do we need to protect? A space? A place, an object? A person? A collective?

We build experiences in which protection, care and “doing” in a group lead us towards the objectives that can be worked on in this direct relationship between cities and climate change. We will demonstrate that joining small gestures, small actions, great meanings can be achieved.

We work on the notion of meeting to share something: Share a task, an objective, a path, an end. When I share, I discover my possibilities, my sensitivities and the ability to participate in something.

Hace no muchos años eran impensables las calles sin coches, las ciudades para el peatón, las zonas parquizadas, los carriles para bicicletas, la prioridad por lo verde, la presencia primordial de la naturaleza. Cada vez más estas opciones, aunque lentamente, se van abriendo camino.

Proponemos un recorrido sensorial en donde trabajamos la noción de la elección que todos tenemos de poder participar con pequeños gestos en el cuidado de las ciudades. Un recorrido sensorial que nos invita a pensar las diferentes ciudades que pueden existir y que podemos soñar; tanto de manera individual como colectiva.

¿Cómo lo haremos? ¿Qué necesitamos cuidar, a quien necesitamos proteger? ¿Un espacio? ¿Un lugar, un objeto? ¿Una persona? ¿Un colectivo?

Construimos experiencias en las que la protección, el cuidado y el “hacer” en grupo nos llevan hacía los objetivos que se pueden trabajar en esa relación directa entre las ciudades y el cambio climático. Demostraremos que uniendo pequeños gestos, pequeñas acciones, se pueden conseguir grandes significados.

Trabajamos la noción de encontrarnos para compartir algo: Compartir una tarea, un objetivo, un camino, un final. Cuando comparto, descubro mis posibilidades, mis sensibilidades y la capacidad de participar en algo.

€3,500/ 6 hours a day. Additional day €800.


What do We do?

Greenevents is a social economy entrepreneurship that designs and organizes Sustainable Experiences in and around Barcelona: Team building with Social and Ecological Positive Impact, Corporate Volunteering, On Site Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) Activities and Sustainable Events.

We understand Sustainability as a participatory process to build an equitable society, with basic socio-economic covered for everyone, where economic impact does not damage the environment.


– The prices do not include IVA.
– We can make your budget according to your needs.
– Booking policy: 50% of payment must be received at least one month in advance; other 50% can be received on the day of event.
– Changes are not accepted 4 business days prior experience or activity.
– In case of any cancellations justified because of Covid19, and you cancel at least one week prior to the event, we will consider giving you back a percentage of the first payment.
– If it rains, the event will be scheduled for another day, except for the Poblenou tour, which is done with an umbrella.
– If you are a Spanish Company, you can reward some of our team building experiences as training like Poblenou Sustainable Tour or Learn about traditional Fishermen work. You also can reward any of our workshops on organizational strategies, assertive communication or your company’s CSR; or any of our CSR Activities.
– Greenevents has a security protocol to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our experiences.
– We will ask you to sign a document that states that Greenevents won’t be responsible for any participant that gets Covid-19 after our event.