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The dream of every manager is to have a high performance team. The current demands of achieving increasingly higher results imply that the entire group must provide innovative solutions for their challenges. Then, the group has to have the necessary skills to be able to create these solutions. To work the company’s processes techniques is not enough, it is also important to work group cohesion to become a high-engagement team.

Fundamental issues for team engagement:

  • To learn new concepts and tools that allow all participants to have the necessary skills to solve current team challenges.
  • To develop a better interpersonal relationship among all the members of the team, no matter group’s hierarchies.
  • Systemic overview: to understand the whole issues allows to find solutions that encompasses all the company’s processes.
  • Integrated working: to solve current challenges, we must integrate several knowledge and promote synergic construction of global solution.
  • Collaborative work: the best ways to solve a complex challenge  is in a collaborative way of working.

If we take in account these fundamental issues for team engagement, the team will increase its productivity with quality, will develop more agile processes, and will be aware of the importance of their role within the team and the company. In order to understand new competences, human being needs to participate and experience the processes so that he himself can build his new concepts and, thus, respond creatively to the challenges in which he is involved.

In these order of ideas, greenevents gives solutions to employee engagement through its Team Building Experiences.


Greenevents participated in a networking activity of Barcelona Activa to present its services, find new suppliers and clients and learn about new networking dynamics. The activity involved 15 companies from different sectors: communication, marketing, commerce, technology, among others; and approximately 25 freelancers. Greenevents met potential suppliers for communication and design. 

One of the objectives of the networking activity was to let know the services offered by the freelancers to the enterprising companies, likewise, the enterprising companies explained their activity and said what professional needs they had. 

The dynamic consisted of dividing the group between freelancers and enterprising companies. The enterprising companies wrote in a poster the description of the products or services that offered and looked for another enterprising company that could be a partner to, during 2 minutes, explained to each other the business model. In case there were interest, people exchanged cards. On the other hand, the freelancers wrote in post-its the services they offered and then hung them in a second phase of the activity. 

In a second phase of the activity, the enterprising companies were divided into 4 groups and were located in the corners of the room. The freelancers were also divided into 4 groups. Each freelancers group was going through each enterprising companies group. Each company explained in 1 minute what it offered and needed. In this way, all the freelancers could know the enterprising companies. At the end of the activity, the freelancers hung the post-its with their professional services and their contacts next to the enterprising companies posters that they believed might be interested in their services. 

Greenevents is interested in networking activities because you can apply them to networking dynamics that clients ask us for an event, or we can adapt it in an internal and organizational reflection workshop or in our Team Building experiences.

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Who We Are

Greenevents Barcelona is a social economy enterprise specializing in crafting and orchestrating Social and Ecological Positive Impact Team Building, Corporate Volunteering, and In-Company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities, in and around Barcelona.

For us, sustainability is a collaborative journey towards constructing an equitable society, ensuring fundamental socio-economic needs for all, while ensuring that economic impact does not harm the environment.


– Group: min 10 ppl.
– VAT is not included in prices.
– Languages: Catalan, Spanish, and English. We might be able to accommodate for other languages at a higher rate.

– 50% of payment must be done at least one month in advance of booking, other 50% percent must be done, at least one day before the event.
– You will get a certificate for having done a sustainable experience or activity.
– You will get photos and a short video as a souvenir.
– If it rains, the event will be done with an umbrella or it will be scheduled for another day.

Total Cancellation of Services:

The client has the right to cancel the contract without reason, with written notice to green events. In such cases, the client will be responsible for the following cancellation fees:

  • 30% of the invoice if cancellation occurs between 30 and 15 days before the event.
  • 50% of the invoice if the cancellation occurs between 15 and 4 days before the event.
  • 100% of the invoice if the cancellation occurs within 4 days of the event.

Additionally, the client can reduce the number of participants by 10% without reason, with written notice to green events, up to 5 days before the event.

To claim for training expenses, please contact Marc Coll, our designated training contact at:, 647881096. 

He will be able to guide you through the process.