We organize Outdoor Team building Experiences with Social and Ecological positive impact, Corporate Volunteering and on site Corporate Social Responsable (CSR) Activities  in and around Barcelona.

Our one day Team Building Experiences and Corporate Volunteering improve your team cohesion through sustainable values, such as learning about nature, solutions to environmental problems and sensibilize about sociolaboral integration of people with mental disability or immigrants that are in a vulnerable situation. Our Greenevents Team Building Experiences can be complemented with workshops on strategic organizational reflection, team performance or CSR in your company. We are also a provider of On Site CSR activities for your Company events. 

We will communicate on Greenevents social media your social and ecological positive impact.

If you are a spanish Company we can manage to reward your team building expenses as training.

We will adapt to your needs, trust us.

We understand Sustainability as a participatory process to build an equitable society, with basic socio-economic covered for everyone, where economic impact does not damage the environment.

We foster a tourism that is Responsible with local economy, eco friendly  and that helps small businesses, foundations, associations and local projects to be part of tourism sector.

Our Team Building Experiences, Corporate Volunteering and On Site CSR Activities foster:

Efficient use of resources, eco friendly development and environmental education.

Sociolaboral insertion of mental disability people.

Participatory management, gender and salaries equity, local development, ethical banking, and social labor insertion of people at risk of social exclusion.

Eco and local products.

We are an entity located in Barcelona, which is managed under the principles of social and solidarity economy, and that drives sustainable development. The form of participatory work unites us, we allow work and personal reconciliation, we take into account gender equality and we encourage the formation of our team.
We participate in social movements that seek equitable development that respects the natural environment. We monitor so that our management has the minimum environmental impact. We work with collaborators who share our values. We are committed to offer excellent service.


Luz Monsalve


Luz has been passionate about sustainable development and the economy that provides social and environmental value. I have training in Anthropology, International Relations, Business Administration (MBA), Social and Solidarity Economy, and Event Greening. When he studied anthropology he specialized in ethnoecology, political ecology and society-nature relations. Her working life in the areas of marketing and commercial action has been complemented by activism for sustainability and for creating Alliances between initiatives in the social and solidarity economy. Greenevents emerged through super activism at the XES, an association created to promote the solidarity economy in Catalonia.

Jorge Ruelas

Web Designer and Programmer

Jorge has a Diploma in Marketing and Commercial Management from ESEM - Madrid and throughout my professional life he has taken various courses in market research, analysis of financial products, sales management, web development, image / video editing and drone piloting. I am characterized by having a strong vocation for customer service.

Sarah Von Aspern

Germany groups Project Manager

Original a “Hamburger Deern”, Sarah found her passion for events in Hamburg, but her heart in Spain. Ten years ago she started to love and work in the event world and after her eventmanagement studies in Germany and realizing her affection for organizing, travelling and communicating, with creating events all over the world, she moved to Spain. In the past years she enjoyed experiences as a projectmanager in various international projects, as well working in event agencies in Germany and DMC´s in Spain. She loves the worl of live-marketing and it is great to have the chance to improve, invent and create new ideas. For many years and now more than ever she is focussing on sustainable events and CSR activities and trying to incorporate it in every project.

Our suppliers with social and environmental value:

¿What do We do?

Greenevents is a social economy entrepreneurship that designs and organizes Sustainable Experiences in and around Barcelona: Team building with Social and Ecological Positive Impact, Corporate Volunteering, On Site Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) Activities and Sustainable Events.

We understand Sustainability as a participatory process to build an equitable society, with basic socio-economic covered for everyone, where economic impact does not damage the environment.

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– The prices do not include IVA.
– We can make your budget according to your needs.
– Booking: 50% advanced payment policy: 50% of payment must be received at least one month in advance; other 50% percent can be received on the day of event.
– In case of any cancellations justified because of Covid19, and you cancel at least one week prior to the event, we will consider giving you back a percentage of the first payment.
– If it rains, the event will be scheduled for another day.
– Greenevents has a security protocol to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our experiences.
– We will ask you to sign a document that states that Greenevents won’t be responsible for any participant that gets Covid-19 after our event.