Barcelona-Poblenou Sustainable Tour


On the tour, you will learn about sustainable urban planning, the recovery of architectural heritage, and productive projects managed according to social and supportive economy criteria. It includes a visit to a craft beer manufacturing site with two beer tastings, a hub that foster the bicicle, and a visit to a community garden where you will discover more about grassroots activism and efforts to create community spaces in Barcelona. The tour finisheswith a snack at the community vegetable garden.

Tehere is an option to also visit a hub that promotes the use of the bicycle and/or doing a volunteering at the community garden with a surcharge.

min-max: 10-50 ppl.

2,30-3 hours.

3,30-4 hours with volunteering at the community vegetable garden.

All year. Available every Thursday from 16 to 18 hours, even for 1 person, booking one day in advance.

Catalan, Spanish and English. Other languages ​​are possible with a translator.

The tour is suitable for people with physical functional diversity.

From 69€/pp + VAT. This price includes:

  • Expert guide during the tour.
  • Entrance to a craft beer manufacturing site and 2 beer tastings.
  • Entrance to the Bici Hub.
  • In case of larger groups with 15 or more people, we will give you headphones.
  • Visit a community vegetable garden.
  • Snack at the Community garden.
  • Photos, video and communication of your sustainable and CSR action on @greeneventsbcn social networks.
  • Certificate of having carried out a sustainable experience.
  • English language surcharge.

Other foreign languages could have an extra surcharge.

Possibility of volunteering in the orchard with extra cost.

  • This experience can be complemented with corporate volunteering in a community vegetable garden or with a 2 hour workshop on organizational strategy, assertive communication, or your company’s CSR. Price: 590€.
  • Photo and video coverage
  • Greenhouse gas calculation and compensation.


Testimony: Cleer

Testimony: Greenflex



You will get to know about sustainable innovation in Barcelona arising from the public, community or private sector.

We will break out from the most tourist-filled and most visited routes in Barcelona to show you real neighborhoods where you can get to know people living in Barcelona engaged in sustainable initiatives.

The snack provided is part of a project that employs people who are in risk of social exclusion and is made with local products.

We use biodegradable or reusable tableware.


What do We do?

Greenevents is a social economy entrepreneurship that designs and organizes Sustainable Experiences in and around Barcelona: Team building with Social and Ecological Positive Impact, Corporate Volunteering, On Site Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) Activities and Sustainable Events.

We understand Sustainability as a participatory process to build an equitable society, with basic socio-economic covered for everyone, where economic impact does not damage the environment.


– The prices do not include IVA.
– We can make your budget according to your needs.
– Booking policy: 50% of payment must be received at least one month in advance; other 50% can be received on the day of event.
– In case of any cancellations justified because of Covid19, and you cancel at least one week prior to the event, we will consider giving you back a percentage of the first payment.
– If it rains, the event will be scheduled for another day.
– If you are a Spanish Company, you can reward some of our team building experiences as training like Poblenou Sustainable Tour or Learn about traditional Fishermen work. You also can reward any of our workshops on organizational strategies, assertive communication or your company’s CSR; or any of our CSR Activities.
– Greenevents has a security protocol to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our experiences.
– We will ask you to sign a document that states that Greenevents won’t be responsible for any participant that gets Covid-19 after our event.