Drums workshop


Music is one of the oldest ways of communicating. Each of us carries our own melody and rhythm. Expressing both of them frees us and fills us with joy. In this Greenevents workshop we will use the voice, the body and the percussion to relax and have fun, finding our deepest rhythm, and joining ourselves with the other participants.

We will work on self connection, first at an internal level and then at a group level. During adulthood we forget to play, experiment, make mistakes, laugh out loud, and relax completely. We are aware of these obstacles that accumulate in adult life. This workshop allows people to connect to their creativity and essential being.

You do not need to know anything about music to complete this activity, all you need is to play and enjoy.


Playing percussion in a group connects us directly with our most inner, primitive and tribal strength.

Working the polyrhythm we reach a state of such concentration that it will help us effectively to transcend our limits, feeling then a growth of self-esteem. Among the benefits of playing percussion are: intellectual development, lowering blood pressure, stimulating the connections between neurons using both cerebral hemispheres at the same time. It also reduces depression and anxiety, increasing social resilience. Besides all these benefits we add the component of having fun doing it in a group, achieving a growing integration in our team and thus later feel greater empathy and confidence when working with others. Ideal for productive teams and workgroups.

From 30 min to 1:30h, it depennds of the time the client has.

10 min-300 max pax

Grup 10-20 pax: from 39€/pax.

Grup 21-50 pax: 35€/pax.

Grup 51-300 pax: 29€/pax

– Percussionist and singer workshop  facilitator and instruments.

– English translator.

– Photos and video of approx 30 seconds reminders of the activity.

– Greenevents certificate for having carried out a sustainable Activity.

– Dissemination on social networks of @greenevents of the company’s sustainable action.

– Foreing languaje surcharge.

– Venue to do the workshop. For grups until 25 pax, it is possible to do it at the beach or at parks in Barcelona.

– Snack. It is possible to include with a surcharge.


Engage your staff with positive social impact Activities!

What do We do?

Greenevents is a social economy entrepreneurship that designs and organizes Social and Ecological Positive Impact Team building, Corporate Volunteering, and In Company Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) Activities in and around Barcelona.

We understand Sustainability as a participatory process to build an equitable society, with basic socio-economic covered for everyone, where economic impact does not damage the environment.


– Group: min 10 ppl.
– VAT is not included in prices.
– Languages: Catalan, Spanish, and English. We might be able to accommodate other languages.
– Foreign language prices are with a surcharge.
– If you are a Spanish Company you can claim our team building expenses as training.

-50% of payment must be done at least one month in advance of booking, other 50% percent must be done, at least,  one day before the event.
– You will get a certificate for having done a sustainable experience or activity.
– You will get photos and a short video as a souvenir.
– If it rains, the event will be done with an umbrella or will be scheduled for another day.

Total Cancellation of Services:
– The client will be entitled to cancel the contract without reason upon written notice to Greenevents. In that case, the client will be obligated to pay the amounts described here below:
– 30% of the invoice if cancellation happens between 30 and 15 days before the event
– 50% of the invoice if cancellations happens between 15 days before the event and 4 days before the event. -100% of the invoice if cancellations happens between 4 days of the event and the event day.

– The client will be entitled reduce 10% number of participants without reason upon written notice to Greenevents up to 5 days before the event.

– If the employee that will come to the team building belong to “regimen general” from a Spanish organization  you can claim our team building expenses as training. After having Greenevents budget, please contact Marc Coll, our reference training gestor: marc.coll@corpalbalate.com https://www.corpalbalate.com/, 647881096. Marc will advise you how to claim team building expenses as training.