Greenevnts S.L. will review every six months the measures taken by the government of Catalonia to prevent Covid19. As of November 7, 2022, these are the measures found at:


Currently, Catalonia has returned to normality due to the improvement of the indicators relating to the epidemiological situation, which is constantly monitored.

The tourist offer and the leisure activities work with complete normality, they are not affected by time limitations nor by capacity restrictions.

Measures on the use of public transport

Public transport throughout the Catalan territory operates normally and at the moment there are no restrictions that limit mobility.

Relevant health indications and recommendations when using public transport:

– Obligatory use of the mask.

– Avoid using public transport if someone is unwell.

-Wash your hands regularly with soap or hydroalcoholic gel.

-Maintain the safety distance and avoid sitting in seats facing other users.

Measures in relation to safety distances, masks, meetings and aforos

Safety distance:

Transmission is easier if there are many people. If you have any previous health condition that could aggravate the contagion by COVID-19, we recommend that you use the mask in these spaces (especially if they are closed). If you are in crowded spaces, wear the mask correctly and do not take it off.


The use of the mask is mandatory for everyone over the age of 6 in public transport, pharmacies, health centers, socio-health centers and residences for the elderly.

Exempt from this obligation are people who have any type of illness or respiratory difficulty that may be aggravated by the use of the mask or who, due to their disability or dependency, do not have the autonomy to remove it or have behavioral changes that make its use unviable.

Meetings and meetings:

Meetings and gatherings are permitted as long as they do not lead to agglomerations or exceed the maximum permitted capacity. Likewise, it is recommended to ventilate closed spaces before, during and after visits, as well as prioritizing outdoor encounters.

At Greenevents we are committed to your care!

Who We Are

Greenevents Barcelona is a social economy enterprise specializing in crafting and orchestrating Social and Ecological Positive Impact Team Building, Corporate Volunteering, and In-Company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities, in and around Barcelona.

For us, sustainability is a collaborative journey towards constructing an equitable society, ensuring fundamental socio-economic needs for all, while ensuring that economic impact does not harm the environment.


– Group: min 10 ppl.
– VAT is not included in prices.
– Languages: Catalan, Spanish, and English. We might be able to accommodate for other languages at a higher rate.

– 50% of payment must be done at least one month in advance of booking, other 50% percent must be done, at least one day before the event.
– You will get a certificate for having done a sustainable experience or activity.
– You will get photos and a short video as a souvenir.
– If it rains, the event will be done with an umbrella or it will be scheduled for another day.

Total Cancellation of Services:

The client has the right to cancel the contract without reason, with written notice to green events. In such cases, the client will be responsible for the following cancellation fees:

  • 30% of the invoice if cancellation occurs between 30 and 15 days before the event.
  • 50% of the invoice if the cancellation occurs between 15 and 4 days before the event.
  • 100% of the invoice if the cancellation occurs within 4 days of the event.

Additionally, the client can reduce the number of participants by 10% without reason, with written notice to green events, up to 5 days before the event.

To claim for training expenses, please contact Marc Coll, our designated training contact at:, 647881096. 

He will be able to guide you through the process.